5 Ways To Make Your Family Feel Special

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Most of us would agree that our Family is the most important thing in our life. We will do anything, endure any hardship, and make any sacrifice to ensure our family’s health and wellbeing.

With so much care and love given naturally and automatically, we can sometimes forget to acknowledge these important people in our lives. Let’s take a look at 5 ways we can make our family members feel appreciated and special.

#1 Say it with a handwritten note.

Do you remember when you were in school and you would open your locker to find a love note? It was like finding treasure! Your heart filled with excitement and you couldn’t contain yourself! You had to go somewhere right away and read the note.

Try writing a loved one a note and hide it in a place where they will find it. For example, you could put it in their wallet. When they go to pay for their morning cup of coffee, they will have something to read while they enjoy their coffee.

The note doesn’t have to be long or complex. Something simple and from the heart will make them happy.

#2 Give them the Night Off

If you notice that your wife/mom are busy, take it upon yourself to make dinner (or order dinner) and give your family member the night off.

If you notice your husband/father has been working a lot recently and appears to be exhausted and stressed, try making his favorite dinner & dessert.

Your children can quite often become overworked and stressed. Giving them time to be free from their educational responsibilities and chores will help them.

Giving your family members a break is, of course, nice and I’m sure they will appreciate it, but when giving them time off to relax, it is important to explain to them why they are getting this time to themselves.

This is a great opportunity to tell them that you noticed how hard they have been working and that you would like to show that you appreciate their hard work by giving them the night off. Then instruct them to go relax, while you (and your other family members) take care of everything else.

#3 It Really Is the Thought That Counts

This method of showing appreciation takes a little more work than the others because it is sometimes the most difficult.

Has your family member ever made a comment about something they wished they had, something they wished they had done, or something they wished they had time to do?

As an example, have you ever heard your spouse or parents say ‘I wish I had finished painting the garage?’ Or while watching TV together an advertisement for a new restaurant plays and your family member comments that they think the food looks really good there!

I have a little notebook that I always have with me and in the middle section, I have a list of things that I sometimes hear my friends or family say. It’s really useful around birthdays and holidays! If I hear my wife make a comment about wanting something or wanting to go somewhere, I write it down. Then when an appropriate time comes, I buy her or take her to one of those places.

Search your memory and pay attention to those magic words!

#4 Friends and Family

Friends are important to our health and wellbeing. We all need time with our friends. This idea is to set up a special evening with your family member’s friends. If your wife is interested in a specific musician, wait for their next concert in your area and buy some tickets and a hotel room (if it’s far) and tell her to have a great time! The same goes for the husband and kids (minus the hotel room in the kid’s case).

Another idea is to plan a family BBQ or outdoor event; with this idea though you have to be careful, because you could also be creating more work for the other person (cleaning up and such).

#5 A Day of Favorites

This last idea requires a little more planning and effort and can take some time to put everything together.

The idea behind this idea is to give your family member a day of surprises and special treats. This idea is especially appreciated because it gives them the satisfaction and pleasure of knowing that you put a lot of effort on their behalf.

The day of favorites is where you start their day with their favorite breakfast and their favorite newspaper/tv show etc.

After breakfast, you go out together and do an activity that is their favorite followed by (you guessed it) their favorite lunch.

This continues throughout their day and it ends with your family each telling the person what their favorite thing about them is. For example, I would say to my wife: ‘My favorite thing about you is that you always remain calm and patient especially when the baby is fussy and you remain calm and patient even when I am not’ (true story, my wife has amazing patience).

The purpose of these ideas is to express to your family and friends that you really care and you want them to know how much you appreciate them. I strongly suggest you try some of these ideas on various people in your life.

I also recommend that you extend some of these ideas to your teachers, boss, or employees. It’s amazing how easily we can carry on our daily lives and not notice how much these people in our lives mean to us.

So let’s all stop and take a look around and pay attention a little more so we can say thank you.

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