5 Reasons Why TikTok Could Be The Next Big Thing For Brands

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TikTok is the platform of the moment, with over 1 billion total downloads and 663 million downloads in 2018.
TikTok is a social media platform with a different audience than its competitors.
TikTok was able to do what the likes of "October", "Vero", "Peach" and "Ello" weren’t able to do:
Create a working different to Facebook and Instagram.
It’s time for brands to acknowledge TikTok’s potential.
In this article I’ll explain 5 reasons why TikTok would be the next large thing for brands.
1) TikTok has a very particular person demographic
New Social Media Platforms try to take over Facebook by targeting everyone.
TikTok didn’t.
It centered on a youthful viewers, not only for the Buyer Acquisition campaigns, but they constructed an app with a UX that is millennial friendly.
It’s centered on the front camera and on viral video content material, which enabled hundreds of thousands of millennials to turn out to be TikTok stars.
All this without the necessity for a production studios or high level equipment which are the keys to grow in platforms like Youtube and Instagram.
TikTok is unquestionably the go-to platform for brands that want to attain an audience between 13 and 18 years old.

2) TikTok has speedy development
TikTok is growing fast.
Thanks to ByteDace funding and the acquisition of Musical.ly in 2017, TikTok is the fastest growing social media network.
It surpassed Instagram for the number of total downloads, with over 1 billion downloads, in accordance with Sensor Tower.
TikTok has built nice momentum that led it to surpass Instagram with over 49% more app downloads in 2018 alone.

three) Underpriced Influencer Marketing
Brands needs to be leveraging the infinite potential that influencer advertising has now.
Influencer Marketing on TikTok just isn't a "thing" yet, but it surely doesn’t mean that it gained’t work.
It implies that your opponents aren’t using it.
Thus it’s low-cost and with the appropriate progress hacker you possibly can engineer a pattern that might carry a ROAS hardly achievable on other platforms.

four) TikTok focuses on Smart Growth
TikTok is rising regardless of being related in model to various platforms on the market.
A part of the traction and the success of the new features that it’s releasing is due to the thorough testing they have achieved within the Chinese market.
The place this is most evident is in the introduction of instruments designed to maintain users safe from harassment and misuse.
TikTok has already launched many options to filter unwanted consideration and to control the profile’s privacy and data.
TikTok is also educating the customers on how one can truly use the platform and on how to make sure safety to the younger audience.
Different platforms have these features however they carried out them at a a lot later stage.
A part of this can also be due to the FTC investigation that TikTok is undergoing, which compelled TikTok to re-make its processes for younger users.
5) TikTok is a viral video platform.
TikTok customers keep in app lees than the average Instagram and Snapchat user.
After a brief analysis we see that the type of interaction is perhaps more meaningful given that it is advisable to actually interact with the feed and you can’t merely scroll.
In the U.S. alone the over 26 million monthly active customers are spending on common forty six minutes per day within the app.
This allows users to observe over 150 videos.
Viral movies being the main type of content material, there may be potential for low cost viral advertising campaigns.
TikTok influencer advertising and marketing solutions can goal an viewers that is unreachable anywhere else.
This is another indicator Free Tik Tok Followers (read this post here) that TikTok is completely different, that it’s more advanced than others have been